About One of the Most Fun Mariachi Groups in the Area

Mariachi Fiesta Grande, Musica is your perfect choice for a Mariachi band when you are looking to hire a musician for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, and more. We are conveniently based in Miami, FL, and here is more about why hiring our band is something you should consider doing.

Mariachi by Mariachi Fiesta Grande, Musica


In the United States of America, Mariachi groups have grown profoundly ingrained. It’s here that they’ve developed their distinct personality and impacted their Mexican equivalent. They have shaped the landscape of the southwestern United States and worldwide for many years. Their popularity has expanded since the late 1970s, thanks to mariachi groups & programs in schools and churches.

Our mariachi group has gone beyond just a musical experience since 2001, projecting distinctive values and virtues found in Mexican folklore, which are cherished and respected by Latin Americans and the rest of the globe. These goals make this group a good solution for preserving Latin cultural roots among Florida’s immigrant population by infusing their gatherings and festivities with Mariachi music.

If you are looking to hire a musician in Miami, FL, hire our Mariachi band. Pick up the phone and contact Mariachi Fiesta Grande, Musica at (786) 486-1758 today!

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