Mariachi and Its Popular Songs

The Traditional Mexican Band

Mariachi is a group of four musicians that play the traditional music of Mexico. They have been performing since the early 1970s. This group’s members play various instruments, including strings, percussion, and wind—their primary specialties are ranchera and norteño music. The Mariachi album below is one of the best Mariachi albums. In addition to traditional Mariachi music, this music group also plays American music, pop music, and even jazz. They have performed for presidents, kings, queens, and others. They have been seen in many movies and television shows. Below is the track list of Mariachi album songs:

Besame Mucho

This song is one of the most performed songs in the Mariachi group. It is a traditional song that is sung in a fast-paced manner. It has been a success as it can be heard during numerous events and celebrations. The song has been included in a variety of Mariachi albums.

Fiesta en el Parque

This is one of the most well-known songs that has been included in the Mariachi album. Music composer Carlos Chavez wrote this song. It has a simple tune that helps listeners quickly follow the lyrics. The poignant chorus is sung in a loud and fast-paced manner. The Mariachi group has performed it at various events and celebrations.

Fuerza del Destino

This is one of the most well-known songs in the Mariachi group. It is a ballad that has been performed at various events and celebrations and included in multiple Mariachi albums.

Guadalajara Songs

This is a collection of around four to five songs that trace the history of the city of Guadalajara. The songs are performed in a fast-paced manner, and they are primarily sung in a ranchera tune—one of the best Mariachi albums to listen to and download.

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