Mariachi Music Explained

Mariachi One of Mexicos Top Top Cultural Expressions  

There is not one Mexican that doesn’t know mariachi music. When the mariachi arrives at a party the time has come to kick back and enjoy the music, sing, dance, and partake of a few tequila shots. However, not every celebration is blessed with Mariachi, only the most special ones are. So why is mariachi the quintessential Mexican symbol today, find out more below!

How does one enjoy Mariachi?

If you are not Mexican, the following is a brief guide on how to enjoy mariachi like a true Mexican. To start off with, if there is a Mexican attending your party, the process is easier, as it is literally already encoded in their DNA. However, if you are unlucky enough not to have one, then you need to be the honorary Mexican.

The most important thing is to first identify at what point the party is currently at. If it is still very early and the mariachi arrives, there may not be enough energy in the room to enjoy it.on the flip side, if it is too late, then everyone will be too drunk to enjoy it. So you need to find a middle ground where your guests are already dancing, still lucid and active and enjoying the party.

The next thing you need to arrange is to lead with the best songs. For this, all you have to do is to tell the mariachi what your needs are. For example, do you want songs that pertain to heartbreak, or to dance to, how about dedicating a special one to a special someone in your life? You need to inform the mariachi what mood you are in, and they will take care of the rest.

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